Coding For Websites
by Adrian Goldner

Building a personal Development-Blog

Hello there!

Glad, you made it to my little blog!

My name is Adrian and I always wanted to start blogging but somehow I never really got the grip of it. I never really knew what to blog about and when I did it took so much time to plan everything out and writing it down, prepping all the assets and images, and so forth.

But I'm done making excuses!

Here I will try to overcome my issues writing posts and start slowly, documenting all my steps while building this site and probably overflowing it with unnecessary features! How exciting!

Here's a little sneak peak, what I will be covering:

  • Planning and implementing a new design

  • Using my own CSS Framework

  • AlpineJS Stuff

  • How I set up this site using Statamic & Laravel

  • My Deployment processes with GitHub, Laravel Forge & DigitalOcean

  • Building a Commenting System for my blog

  • Much, much more

If you want to follow along, this site is built using the code from the following GitHub Repository:

I'm totally excited for this new Project and invite you to join me on this path :)